Neutron Krispies – Grandma, whose recipe this is, calls these delectably dense treats by a less descriptive name I no longer recall.

Creamy Chicken Potato Soup – This is the kind of cold-weather comfort food you like to come home to find already simmering. Fortunately, you can make it on a whim.

Turkey Soup – This recipe makes delicious use of small scraps of meat you may have scrupulously scavenged from the bird, only to find neglected at the bottom of a tupperware.

Ropa Vieja – It looks like entrails and translates as “old clothes” – but it's actually a delicious chick pea stew native to the Canary Islands.

Book Reviews

Books I have reviewed that don't quite fit on my futurism or education pages.

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Conversation with an Atheist – “Don't underestimate toaster ovens.”

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Why? (A tirade) – Torn from my old blog.

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