(From my dismantled first blog, Evolution by Choice)

The Naked Truth

Tightening your belt is not about riding out lean times; it is about keeping your pants up.

Economists have been telling us for centuries that the way to jump start a lumbering economy is not to save more, but to spend more.   In the long run, the greatest obstacle to progress is not a shortage of wealth, but a dearth of ambition.  When we lower our standards and become satisfied with less – when we permanently tighten our belts and adopt the cynical metaphor of life as female canine and harbinger of death – we are part of the problem, not the solution.

What most economists have not been telling us – since they probably don’t know – is that we have never, in a greater sense, been prosperous at all.  A real golden age would be one where everyone gets to spend their days doing whatever they wish, rather than just their evenings and weekends.  A bullish economy would be one that pulls us in gilded chariots, not one that compensates for trampling us forty or more hours a week by stuffing a few more dollars in the pockets covering our bovine bruises.

The long view of history sees pretty much everything that has happened in the past 50,000 years up through the present day as but a brief preface to the real story that will begin once we have overcome the daily struggle for survival and broken the shackles of our biology.  The words of closure to this painful preface will be these:  The Singularity is Here.

To tighten our belts and deflate our ambitions is to resign ourselves to living and dying in the years PS (Pre-Singularity); it is to stubbornly deny the pitiable sight under our pants: nearly hairless primates, vulnerable and shivering in the cold of an indifferent universe.

With the Singularity so tantalizingly near, how can we be content with a world where most basic needs are satisfied only through a Faustian sacrifice of our best years to punishing occupations?  How can we tighten our belts and pretend we don’t deserve better?

Spread the word.  The Singularity is near, and we can reach it if we jump a little higher -- recognizing the opportunity and giving a little more of ourselves.  Let’s loosen our belts, and modesty be damned.

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