About this Website

Futurism and the Singularity dominate these pages. You can read about a few assorted other topics here, but accelerating technological progress simply overshadows everything else. We live in exciting times!

Essays, blog entries (which are generally pretty meaty here), book reviews and other flotsam are arranged by topic. See the four icon-marked links on the home page to begin.

The writing is of uneven quality. Hopefully, the newer stuff is better than the old. Reading between the lines, you may discern one of the underlying quests behind it all: to find the perfect way to explain important ideas like the Singularity to as many people as possible.

About Me

I'm a high school history teacher by training, and a future studies teacher by hobby. My other interests include writing, programming, education issues, technology, hydroponics, cooking, and astronomy. I'm married to the love of my life, and have a very fun little boy to chase around.

If you have questions, concerns, or requests concerning my website or its content, please contact me.

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